Item Spotlight

Below are some of the great items we will have at the live auction!

Katheryn Davis original watercolor painting Ballerina  Interlude  and a copy of the fine-art book  The Art of Katheryn Davis,  Volume One  and  Volume Two.

Image is  17-1/2 x 19 and the wood frame exterior is  27-1/2 x 29. Copyright © 2002 by Katheryn Davis. Package value is $1,400.00

Quinn Lewis Photographer, Rotary SOQ Mapleton

Stephanie Ames Photography

Rodger Bennett Photography

"Winter Sun on the Florence Riverfront"

24x36 printed on metal and self framed. Value $400.


"Central Oregon Coast" by Curt Peters, Digital Dunes Photography

Depicts the beauty of our rugged coastline. Bundled with a 100.00 gift certificate for services at Digital Dunes Photography. The "Ready to Hang" 16x24 art piece is valued at $300.00 along with a $100.00 dollar certificate makes the total donation worth $400.00.

Marilyn Monroe Bed Sitting

18”x18” image

22”x22” paper

Printer’s Proof #4

This printer’s proof is is special and rare because when we are testing an image, before we release it as part of an edition, we create different size prints to evaluate the quality of the restoration as well the color. This is one of the final versions before it was finalized and introduced in a larger size. Regular editions of this print retail for $8,000, $9,000 and $10,000. We have set the value on this printer’s proof at $3,000.

This rare and previously unpublished series of photos was taken at the guest villa of Joseph Schenk’s estate. The simple environment of only pillows, sheets, a robe and copper cup (very 1950s) showed Marilyn’s adaptability; a chameleon showing a different personality. It is extraordinary to see how many different looks she could produce and how comfortable she was with Milton behind the camera. Milton’s talent for simplicity is captured in these images.


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